The Last Brick

Abraham Lincoln's Bible

The anticipated event of swearing in of a new president of the United States finally happened. An interesting article attracted my attention, and I thought it was worth giving it some thought.

USA Today writes that the bible used in Barack Obama’s inaugural ceremony is the same bible used by Abraham Lincoln in 1861. “Lincoln took the oath in the shadow of an unfinished Capitol dome with his right hand on the Bible. He then kissed the book, following a tradition started by George Washington” – the article reports.

The rich symbolism that Obama is using throughout the organizational details preceding the inauguration cannot be ignored. More and more, the new president is comparing – and allying – himself with the iconic figure of the American state. In doing so, Obama wants to show his electorate that has a set example in front of him, and that he promises to rise up to that expectation.

As the first black president, Obama is showing the enormous steps taken in the direction of non-bigotry in North America, and giving appreciation to Lincoln seems as appropriate as ever. The symbolism of the unfinished Capitol in 1861 comes to mind as well, and Obama is saying that the dome is close to being finished, as racism and intolerance in America are overcome.