Pilfer, Plunder, Pillage and Ransack a Village! These Pirates Did Not Get Their Buried Treasure

It is unbelievable that there are still pirates in this world. You would think that since the days of the “Pirates of the Caribbean,” that these barbaric acts would be banned by any government, but they are still very much alive. These particular pirates that BBC talks about were captured after a rather unsuccesful attack on a Russian ship. Granted these guys deserved to be captured because the things that they do are not only illegal, and cruel, but they are just immoral and plain wrong. If this were happening off the coast of Florida, guess what, it would have ended rather fast, but since this is happening in Somalia, not much is done. Somalia is a godforsaken place, so naturally, there isnt much security there when it comes to maritime safety. There needs to be a bigger message sent to the pirates of Somalia, rather than just this simple capture of a few trouble makers. Either the United States, Russia, or Great Britian, the biggest naval powers in the world, need to unite against them. They need to know that this sort of thing can not be tolerated, and that if it does not stop, it will result in massive arrests and possibly death if they show any resistance. Since these pirate groups are not backed up by the Somali government (if any), it should not cause an international stir, and maybe even put a temporarary end to piracy. The reason I say temporary, is because chances are someone will start it up again.



It has become the ultimate act of frustration:  whip off your sneaker and fling it at the offending leader’s gourd.  This article talks about the new fad ‘o frustration in India that has become commonplace.

“In India, flying footwear is the new hunger strike, overtaking even the trendy Facebook protest as an expression of civil disobedience.”

The article notes that it is considered an insult in India to show the sole of one’s shoe, as footwear is relagated to shuffling about the dirty streets outside.  Thus this phenomenon comes with cultural influences.

“Shoe-throwing is a real expression of the frustration of the people,” said Anil Bairwal of National Election Watch, a watchdog group. “But you have to consider that citizens are at a loss for what to do. For too long, they have hoped that the parties would improve themselves, be progressive, put the right people in the seats and work for the betterment of the people. But none of that has happened.”

It was, of course, the Iraqi journalist who flung his shoe at the ever-eloquent former U.S. president that started the shoe tossing.  He, unlike the Indians, has to spend time in prison, probably for forcing the president to do something he is not used to: Think fast, Mr. Prez!

‘Religion a la carte’

I found the following article interesting; Survey: Americans switch faiths often. In an age in which science is stealing most of our miracles it appears that people are still keeping their faith. However, people are often switching religions based on various reasons such as “changed life circumstances.” Again I was under the impression that people are losing their faith but the survey has proved me wrong. I wish the article dug a little deeper to see if these individuals actually practice the beliefs of their religions or do they simply just say they are religious? This is a touchy subject but im just burnt out on hypocrites that claim they are religious but do anything and everything possible to go against what their religion practices. Any thoughts?

ADHD Medication Equals Higher Test Scores?

A study done with children from kindergarten through 5th grade studied how taking certain medication for ADHA has increased their scores on reading and math compared to those not on medication. Their scores were still significantly lower than those without ADHD, but this study was done to show if the medication would help with bettering their grades because kids with ADHD have high dropout rates in school and get poorer grades than, that of their average classmates. I had ADD when I was in kindergarten and I took medication for this, which made me gain weight and just become a lot more tired and less active. Even though I was not diagnosed with ADHD, this still has the same type of effects that I experienced. It allows them to slow their hyperactivity down and allows them to concentrate more on their work in school. Some parents do not like having their kids take medication because of these side effects.

Teachers often advocate medication because it can calm disruptive behavior. But it’s a contentious issue for many parents, worried about putting their kids on drugs that can have side-effects including decreased appetite, weight loss and insomnia.

A psychiatry professor from the University of Illinois-Chicago said that not every kid should be put on certain medications to control this disorder. He also said that there has been research done that most kids with ADHD can benefit from taking these meds. I would agree that in some sense in certain situations like school, it may help, but it depends on the kid that is taking the medication, how the family feels, etc. I know that I could not tell if the meds I was taking for my ADD were helpling, but they certainly made me lazier and fatter starting in kindergarten. Who knows what could happen with many other kids. There was one 19 year old that was diagnosed with ADHD since he was 5 and burns off some extra excess energy by working out. So there can be many alternatives to it, but for kids who knows, can it be the only way?

Wouldn’t it be Crazy if Our Pres. Died of Swine Flu?


We have declared a Public Emergency over this Swine Flu which apparently can kill in less than two weeks.  In Mexico, it has already killed 81 people with over 1300 being thought to have it.  And check this out, President Obama was just in Mexico hanging out… well here, read this:

The newspaper Reforma reported that President Obama, who recently visited Mexico, was escorted around Mexico City’s national anthropology museum on April 16 by Felipe Solis, an archaeologist who died the next day from flu-like symptoms. But Dr. Córdova said that it does not appear that Mr. Solis died of influenza.

Dude totally died the next day!  So yeah, wouldn’t it be gnarly if Obama kicked the bucket?  Who the hell is the vice president anyway?  It isn’t Hillary is it?

It’s just no fun being a kid anymore

I found the following article interesting; Children tracked by sat nav to stop bad behaviour. The UK is combating rude behavior by children on school buses by developing a monitoring system which allows parents to track their children via GPS. The monitoring system works by children first swiping an identification card as they enter the bus which then allows parents via a satellite and the internet to track their children. The plan also includes “Bus Angels” which are children that “covertly” tattletale on inappropriate behavior while on the bus. Again this an elaborate scheme designed to improve bus behavior and as a safety precaution incase the bus would get in an accident or breakdown. My opinion on this matter is wtf? Are kids so out of control that we need to treat them like little criminals or little terrorists with “Bus Angles” tracking their every movement and prepared to take them out if necessary? I miss the good old days when parents were actually parents and children out of respect for their parents maintained a certain amount of good discipline. Don’t get me wrong children are expected to be a little rowdy and get into minor trouble, but that is no excuse to tighten the leash and suppress the children even more. After all the children have a lifetime of laws, rules, and regulations that they must follow as adults to keep them in line. So why not let the children have a little fun while they still can because let’s face reality growing up and getting old suck! Any thoughts?

Medical Student–possible murderer?

I briefly caught this story this morning on the news when I was getting ready for work. I forgot about it until I saw this headline on yahoo: Med Student Targeted Women on Craigslist. Basically, the guy is a second year medical student, engaged, comes from what sounds like a good family. He supposedly targeted some women on Craigslist, murdered one and robbed another. Guilty or not, this really got me thinking about people who can live two totally separate lives. How can your family, friends and colleagues know one person, but there is really someone else lurking in the shadows? The grandfather, who is a lawyer, gave this comment:

“This is not my grandson. I know my grandson,” he told The Boston Globe. “I hate to see a rush to judgment … He’s a wonderful boy, just absolutely wonderful, and couldn’t be better. I’m proud of him and proud of his abilities as a medical student. He always wanted to be a doctor.”

Maybe grandpa didn’t know the real grandson? The article also suggests that he had a gambling problem. His MO could have been acquiring money to pay off some gambling debt. What drives a somewhat successful medical student to do this sort of thing? It is cases like this that make me love Psychology. On the surface, you never can tell what people are actually thinking.