The crisis really is everywhere

I stumbled across an article just a couple of hours into may thinking that this crisis indeed has extended everywhere. I dont know if it as bad as the world economic crisis after World War I, but its definetely big. When you have protests in France, Great Britain, Germany, Turkey, and several Asian countries all demonstrating against the same thing, then you have a hell of a problem. Nobody can figure out how to stimulate the economy (besides Lewis Black.) The protests are about the loss of jobs and people getting laid off. We have that problem here in the United States as well as those other countries. We have it in this town even. I am also threatened by this crisis. I could lose my job tomorrow because the company I work for could not have enough money to pay me. The one thing that somebody needs to figure out is how do we rebuild the world economy without starting another World War. Nobody has if figured out yet, but keep the faith. Theyll get it one of these days. Things have to go up at some point.


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