Twitter as a tool of revenge?

I personally do not use twitter, and here is why. I think that it is a stupid technology that we really dont need. We dont need to know what you are doing every five minutes, and if you are desperate for people to know what you are doing on a regular basis, then you need some friends. Now we have all become the slaves to the use of facebook, but at least facebook has alot of other features to it as well, whereas twitter is just twitter. But in the article that I discovered, apparantly someone hacked the fox news twitter page and made some innapropriate comments. I only have two words to say to that. HA HA! Normally you hear people that got fired from somewhere they come back and burn the place down, or go into a hostage situation, but this is ridiculous. There was no element of revenge here and the mess can be cleaned up in a matter of seconds. The people that did it dont even deserve a punishment for this. I mean sure, Bill O’reilly and Britney Spears wont be too thrilled, but they are used to being made fun of as it is. Is Twitter still pointless, YES!


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