An article on illustrates the grim situation in Mexico.  Add a virus capable of pandemic proportions to an economic ression and drug violence, and you have a place that is not very appealing to very many people.  The beaches are vacant, the flights are such that a person could stretch out in any number of empty rows, and the streets are void of travelers and locals alike. “Mexico City’s Chamber of Commerce said the closures and cancellations are costing 777 million pesos ($57 million) a day in the capital city alone — more than a third of the local economy.” Schools are closing, government offices are closed, attractions are closed…the entire country is shutting down.  And they should be commended for it.  Placing public and global safety before monetary gain is responsible and courageous.  On top of the horrors of drug violence, Mexico has maintained its composure and is taking every precaution possible to contain this vagabond virus.  Countries around the world are taking extensive measures to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread. “Cuba banned flights to Mexico. Argentina banned flights out of Mexico. France said Wednesday it would ask the European Union to suspend all flights to Mexico.” Lets just hope this global cooperation brings some amount of solidarity to this tiny crowded planet.


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