Pilfer, Plunder, Pillage and Ransack a Village! These Pirates Did Not Get Their Buried Treasure

It is unbelievable that there are still pirates in this world. You would think that since the days of the “Pirates of the Caribbean,” that these barbaric acts would be banned by any government, but they are still very much alive. These particular pirates that BBC talks about were captured after a rather unsuccesful attack on a Russian ship. Granted these guys deserved to be captured because the things that they do are not only illegal, and cruel, but they are just immoral and plain wrong. If this were happening off the coast of Florida, guess what, it would have ended rather fast, but since this is happening in Somalia, not much is done. Somalia is a godforsaken place, so naturally, there isnt much security there when it comes to maritime safety. There needs to be a bigger message sent to the pirates of Somalia, rather than just this simple capture of a few trouble makers. Either the United States, Russia, or Great Britian, the biggest naval powers in the world, need to unite against them. They need to know that this sort of thing can not be tolerated, and that if it does not stop, it will result in massive arrests and possibly death if they show any resistance. Since these pirate groups are not backed up by the Somali government (if any), it should not cause an international stir, and maybe even put a temporarary end to piracy. The reason I say temporary, is because chances are someone will start it up again.


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