ADHD Medication Equals Higher Test Scores?

A study done with children from kindergarten through 5th grade studied how taking certain medication for ADHA has increased their scores on reading and math compared to those not on medication. Their scores were still significantly lower than those without ADHD, but this study was done to show if the medication would help with bettering their grades because kids with ADHD have high dropout rates in school and get poorer grades than, that of their average classmates. I had ADD when I was in kindergarten and I took medication for this, which made me gain weight and just become a lot more tired and less active. Even though I was not diagnosed with ADHD, this still has the same type of effects that I experienced. It allows them to slow their hyperactivity down and allows them to concentrate more on their work in school. Some parents do not like having their kids take medication because of these side effects.

Teachers often advocate medication because it can calm disruptive behavior. But it’s a contentious issue for many parents, worried about putting their kids on drugs that can have side-effects including decreased appetite, weight loss and insomnia.

A psychiatry professor from the University of Illinois-Chicago said that not every kid should be put on certain medications to control this disorder. He also said that there has been research done that most kids with ADHD can benefit from taking these meds. I would agree that in some sense in certain situations like school, it may help, but it depends on the kid that is taking the medication, how the family feels, etc. I know that I could not tell if the meds I was taking for my ADD were helpling, but they certainly made me lazier and fatter starting in kindergarten. Who knows what could happen with many other kids. There was one 19 year old that was diagnosed with ADHD since he was 5 and burns off some extra excess energy by working out. So there can be many alternatives to it, but for kids who knows, can it be the only way?


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