Wouldn’t it be Crazy if Our Pres. Died of Swine Flu?


We have declared a Public Emergency over this Swine Flu which apparently can kill in less than two weeks.  In Mexico, it has already killed 81 people with over 1300 being thought to have it.  And check this out, President Obama was just in Mexico hanging out… well here, read this:

The newspaper Reforma reported that President Obama, who recently visited Mexico, was escorted around Mexico City’s national anthropology museum on April 16 by Felipe Solis, an archaeologist who died the next day from flu-like symptoms. But Dr. Córdova said that it does not appear that Mr. Solis died of influenza.

Dude totally died the next day!  So yeah, wouldn’t it be gnarly if Obama kicked the bucket?  Who the hell is the vice president anyway?  It isn’t Hillary is it?


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