It’s just no fun being a kid anymore

I found the following article interesting; Children tracked by sat nav to stop bad behaviour. The UK is combating rude behavior by children on school buses by developing a monitoring system which allows parents to track their children via GPS. The monitoring system works by children first swiping an identification card as they enter the bus which then allows parents via a satellite and the internet to track their children. The plan also includes “Bus Angels” which are children that “covertly” tattletale on inappropriate behavior while on the bus. Again this an elaborate scheme designed to improve bus behavior and as a safety precaution incase the bus would get in an accident or breakdown. My opinion on this matter is wtf? Are kids so out of control that we need to treat them like little criminals or little terrorists with “Bus Angles” tracking their every movement and prepared to take them out if necessary? I miss the good old days when parents were actually parents and children out of respect for their parents maintained a certain amount of good discipline. Don’t get me wrong children are expected to be a little rowdy and get into minor trouble, but that is no excuse to tighten the leash and suppress the children even more. After all the children have a lifetime of laws, rules, and regulations that they must follow as adults to keep them in line. So why not let the children have a little fun while they still can because let’s face reality growing up and getting old suck! Any thoughts?


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