Medical Student–possible murderer?

I briefly caught this story this morning on the news when I was getting ready for work. I forgot about it until I saw this headline on yahoo: Med Student Targeted Women on Craigslist. Basically, the guy is a second year medical student, engaged, comes from what sounds like a good family. He supposedly targeted some women on Craigslist, murdered one and robbed another. Guilty or not, this really got me thinking about people who can live two totally separate lives. How can your family, friends and colleagues know one person, but there is really someone else lurking in the shadows? The grandfather, who is a lawyer, gave this comment:

“This is not my grandson. I know my grandson,” he told The Boston Globe. “I hate to see a rush to judgment … He’s a wonderful boy, just absolutely wonderful, and couldn’t be better. I’m proud of him and proud of his abilities as a medical student. He always wanted to be a doctor.”

Maybe grandpa didn’t know the real grandson? The article also suggests that he had a gambling problem. His MO could have been acquiring money to pay off some gambling debt. What drives a somewhat successful medical student to do this sort of thing? It is cases like this that make me love Psychology. On the surface, you never can tell what people are actually thinking.


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  1. I know a girl who found a job on craigslist and I heard a couple of years ago in Juneau there was some fraud situation going on from people who tried to buy a house on that site. I would never go on that site ever, even though it is such a popular place for people to sell, buy, and find jobs. Unless it had the top security type available, I would not go on it. That is just so horrible.

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