Phish and Folk Fest

I just learned that Phish reunited! Happy day for Phish-goers, but after I read this, I wasn’t so sure:

Nearly 200 Phish -heads were arrested on drug-related charges during the band’s three-night reunion concert in Hampton, VA, according to an Associated Press report. Police said they confiscated about $1.2 million in illegal drugs and more than $68,000 in cash from concertgoers, who were on hand to see Phish perform following a nearly five-year hiatus.

Most of the arrests were for drug possession, use and distribution.

This makes me consider the Alaska Folk Fest, held in Juneau, where a bunch of musicians and followers take the stage and dance floor and have a good time. I was talking to one of my friends who preformed for the Folk Fest. He didn’t like that it was this mass conglomeration of ‘hippie-like people coming together to get wasted and stoned.’  He didn’t have anything against hippies, as he knows me, but he didn’t like that the scene allowed such behavior. It wasn’t about the music as much the “parking-lot scenes” in many jam band shows. For some of the concerts I have been to, the parking lot is a lot more happening then the concert itself. This is what makes up the foundation of the group’s followers, but at the same time sheds negative light as well. There are many followers of music who don’t get intoxicated and drugged; there are those that do, but keep it under control and don’t get arrested. I am surprised we haven’t heard about a drug bust from this Folk Fest!


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