Lately, there is so much going on, politically, in Juneau that I have found myself mentally “checking out.” As in, I am no longer properly absorbing what is going on with any great interest- it’s just too weird. And continuous. And weird.

Without having a large body of experience behind me, I am unsure of whether this is business as usual, whether this is just the nature of the game and whether we will always be overstimulated by the politicking, manuevering, blog bombardment, and press releases. Or maybe this is truly a crazier moment in time than most? The jaded observer probably sees it as the same stuff, different day. I think that when I “check back in” I will probably agree.

A partial recap (in no particular order…):
Feature article in April edition of Conde Nast’s Portfolio Magazine blames Palin for standing in the way of the pipeline being built. Palin’s office responds via press release.

Palin is a no show for a scheduled meeting with legislators to discuss the stimulus. Press release warring between Governor/Legislators ensues.

Levi Johnston goes on Tyra and The Early Show. Among other things, he claims to have lived/stayed in Governor Palin’s house with Bristol. “Over my dead body,” replied the Governor. Someone is lying.

Wayne Anthony Ross’ Red Hummer (license plate: WAR)

Governor Palin’s Attorney General appointment (of Wayne Anthony Ross) is full of twists and results in an historic rejection of the Governor’s appointment (first time in our history). The broken relationship between the executive and the legislative branches in Alaska is apparent.

Points of contention during Ross’ confirmation hearings:
-GLBT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered) community comments
Alaska Natives
-Recent legal opinion addressing the Governor’s Senate appointment
-Assorted other “incidents

Juneau’s Senate appointment follows an uncharted course (taking as looong as possible) with two rejections by the Senate Dems and a strange “list” sent as the Governor’s third attempt at a suitable (DEMOCRAT) candidate. The list was found to be against the law. There is little budging on either side and Juneau is without representation still.

Tim Grussendorf (pictured below), first appointee. Until recently was a registered Republican.

Joe Nelson (pictured below), second appointee. Made a statement that he would consider running against Kerttula as a Republican in the next Senate election.

Alan Wilson (pictured below), third on the “list” submitted most recently (with Grussendorf, Nelson, Wilson being the Governor’s order of preference) by the Governor. Irrelevant but interesting sidenote: Wilson is married to the owner of Shoefly (where Palin’s infamous Naughty Monkey’s came from).


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  1. Wow, good work!

    Ya, this is such a mess; I hope this isnt business as usual.

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