Is Barack Obama Pushing His Luck?

I came across this article on BBC, that was talking about the cigar capital of the world. This tiny speck of land was the reason that the United States and the Soviet Union nearly launched a nuclear war between each other that would have killed everyone and everything 48 years ago. Since that time, the United States have closed off all relations with Cuba. Nobody can go in, and we will not accept any exports from Cuba. This has been the case until now.
In his first couple of months in office, Barack Obama has already toured Europe, and Latin America is next on his list. Obama has opened up relations with Russia, and him along with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, have decided to lift the visa requirements for Russia-US travel. Obama has already shown himself as a “world friendly” president. Right now he is trying to open relations with Cuba. He has lifted the travel restrictions, and we are just waiting for the first shipment of Cuban cigars. However, Obama told Cuban president Raul Castro that he has to make the next move. In this twist world of political drama, we dont really know what will happen next. Meahwhile, we have Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who continues to bash the United States as if Bush was still in office. He claims that the United States has always mistreated Cuba and will always mistreat them. Even after Obama made this friendly gesture towards the Cubans.

“We don’t expect them to change overnight… but we do expect that Cuba will send signals that they’re interested in liberalising”
US President Barack Obama

I am personally all for opening relations with Cuba. After fifty years of secluding them and keeping them out, it is time to call a truce. Enough is enough, and I think that Obamas next move should involve taking Mr. Chavez out for lunch, and hopefully bury the hatchet with him as well. It would be better for the world.