drug monitoring

A post on Mind Hacks was discussing a new controversial issue- drug monitoring by microchip. A small microchip is swallowed, and internally measures drug levels in the body, and physical issues such as respiratory rates, and heart rate.

The microchip can be used to ensure compliance to prescribed meds (like anti-psychotic drugs), or to monitor illegal drug/alcohol use. So potentially, it could ensure compliance for people on probation/parole, or patients needing medication for some condition.

The post discusses how this could be helpful, but also an invasion of privacy by making your personal ingestion choices public to your doctor.

Great for patients who volunteer for this, it would be medically beneficial to make sure medication is working properly, and to avoid any harmful reactions. But what if it is involuntarily forced on an individual. Is this a great idea? Or violation of personal privacy?

Whether good or bad, I am constantly amazed at modern technological advances.


One Response

  1. Ya, right! Tech advances are nuts these days. But it seems like there is alway a big margin for error with this type of thing.

    I do think there is some invasion of privacy with the parole aspect but if you break the law you loose some of your rights-like privacy.

    It will be interesting to see where this tech goes in the years to come.

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