Who deserves to die?

The question as to whether we should have a death penalty or not has been around for a long time. In this article, a woman wants her daughters killer to be executed. Is the this the case where the death penalty is necessary? The answer is simple, not really. Should we have a death penalty, yes we should. However, the way that it is done in our country right now is not the right way to do it. They pick one out of 1000 criminals to give the death penalty to, then they put him on death row for another ten years, and then when he is about to get executed, if he gets sick, or “hurts himself,” the death is delayed for another five years. There should be a simple rule, if you kill a certain amount of people, and in certain different ways, you will receive the death penalty. Someone like the man in the article doesnt deserve the death penalty, but someone like Ted Bundy, of Jeffry Dahmer would be the first on my list. The more severe your crime is, the worse your death should be. It should range from injection, to firing squad, to electric chair. In alot of countries they do that. You may think that its inhuman, but sometimes its the only way to prevent murder.


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