Isnt it time to say your forgiven

I came across this article that was talking about an 89 year old Nazi war criminal getting still awaiting trial back in Germany. Of course it still amazes me that after all these years people are still getting arrested for something that happnened 54 years ago. Im not trying to be insensitive here, but sometimes things do have to be let go. The Germans have apologized on several occasions, and they have given reparations. As to what this man did when he was a teenager, and not to mention there is no proof of him even commiting any crimes, it is time to put it to bed. If you did not capture him back when you had the chance, he might as well die on his own terms. The man is 89 years old, and has anemia, kidney problems, Arthritis and who knows what else.
What the Nazis did was a horrible thing. Never in the world history has there been a more violent slaughter of a certain group of people as there were in the death camps. My grandfather (who is still alive) lived through the horror of WWII on the Russian side, and he has long forgiven the Germans for what they did. Its like the rule about rapists, and the rule is that if you dont catch them in five years, the case is closed. There is the accusation that he killed 29000 people in the death camps, but the only way I think that they should arrest him is if one of the people that he actually tortured and survived saw him, and identified him, then they can arrest him. But to arrest a dying man on a possibility that he commited these cirmes when he was young and stupid is not the right way to do it.


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