Having a Child from the Grave

I found the following article interesting; Ethical questions over harvesting dead son’s sperm. Nikolas Colton Evans died tragically before he could fulfill one of his wishes in life which was to have children. His mother however will not let his dream die with him and has received permission from the judicial system to harvest his sperm in order to have a surrogate mother birth a child in her sons honor. Nikolas mother will then raise her dead son’s child in order for his legacy to live on. This situation obviously raises numerous ethical questions such as to what about the fate of the child being born without a biological father and by a mother with no real ties to the child? I understand that families fall apart all the time and children are raised by single parents or by other family members. But this goes a step further with the child being born into an unusual situation where there is no possibility of a normal family structure for the child to be nurtured. I’m only wondering if this is a coping mechanism for a grieving mother that tragically lost her son. No doubt the grandmother will love this child but it is still not fair to the child never knowing his or her parents especially under these disturbing circumstances.  


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  1. I can understand where the mother is coming from. After losing my unborn child and not long afterward having my husband commit suicide, I considered doing something very similar to harvesting his sperm to get back the things I had lost. I think the child might need some therapy when its old enough to understand the circumstances of its birth and its fathers death, but many mothers and fathers die, usually after the child is born, and many parents don’t take responsibility for the life they have created. Having a deceased father and a surrogate mother should not hurt the child tremendously is the situation is explained well, he has support, and mostly, he or she is loved by the grandmother. As long as the child is loved and cared for, what does it matter if the circumstances are…unusual?

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