100% Problem Solving Nonsense

Helping Psychology explains how people need to come together to solve any kind of problem. It also tells that some people do not want to be involved in coming together to help solve a problem and conform to groups because they may not trust everybody in the group.  They also tell why if everyone was to come together and solve a problem, we wouldn’t be in a downward sloping economy and society and the people would run the world in a much better state. Republican fundamentalist even is quoted on this issue of how people wouldn’t ever be able to come together as one to solve problems

according to Republican fundamentalist Mike Huckabee, who promotes the theory, “if we all did [the right thing] we wouldn’t need any other laws.” This theory will always be common nonsense, not common sense, because everyone doing the right thing all the time won’t ever be common, so we need to adapt our behavior to reflect what will happen when some people don’t follow the rules, not what happens when everyone does.

To some people, this is why they choose not to help out. They get that mentality of “If 1 or 2 people do not help out, why should I?”. This turns into a domino effect and this is part of the reason people choose not to conform and choose to help the world or some other reason. People nowadays have started to go “green”, by using less energy producing products. Slowly people are banding together to make a difference, which even though everybody will not help to solve this problem, it will be good enough, but never 100%.


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