Nation of Men

According an article on, men are winning the gender game of teeter-totter.  China has long struggled to rein in, or at least maintain its population of 1.6 billion people by enforcing strict birth control laws.  Unfortunately, the desire for that one child to be a boy causes the rates of female infanticide to skyrocket.  Abortion is legal, but it is not legal for parents to determine the fetus’s sex unless it is medically required.  The number of males far outweighs the number of females in China

“China has 32 million more young men than young women — a gender gap that could lead to increasing crime — because parents facing strict birth limits abort female fetuses to have a son, a study released Friday said.”

The article points to the concern that crime rates will rise because of so many testosterone-ridden young men running about.  The social imbalance created by selecting only male fetuses will form a nation of sexual frustration.  This is going to be interesting to see how this method of birth control plays out, both socially and militarily.  I’m guessing that the only thing for  these boys to do is go into the military since there’s no one to create a family with…


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  1. Wouldn’t it be interesting if they adopted polyandry, like their Nepalese neighbors?

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