The Internet: a source of instructions for ANYTHING

Okay, I don’t know how significant this post is, but I thought that it was hilarious (and sad…).

I found this post on Everyday Sociology. Three female college students wanted some extra cash, so instead of getting a job, they decided to rob a local dollar store in Ohio. They entered the store, armed with BB guns, and demanded cash from the dollar store employee. The employee refused, so the three girls left empty handed. They were later found by the police, who assumed they were amateurs (given their lack of success). But, inside the ladies car, they found a document titled “How to Commit Armed Robbery in Six Easy Steps”, which had been printed 12 hours before the attempted robbery.

So they had done their research, right? Wrong. The robbery manual was created as a joke, and posted on the internet.

“…the first step advises the reader to get appropriate gear, such as a mask or sunglasses. A ski mask “gives you a badass look as well as conceal your appearance.” The website promises good things with the mask, for wearing one will reduce “your chances of being caught… by .001%.” Next you need a big bag for carrying all the loot that you’ll get. The website recommends one with a dollar sign printed on its side, like in cartoons. After that, the website offers valuable guidance on picking partners, planning the robbery, executing it, and getting away.”

How stupid are people? This blog was appauling to me. I just lost a little more faith in mankind.


3 Responses

  1. The recommendation to carry a bag with a dollar sign on it is pretty fantastic….

  2. It is pretty wild when I think about the things I could find out/learn how to do, etc. on the internet if I were interested…I spend my internet surfing time pretty legit so the thought never enters my mind about what else is “out there.”

    Reminds me of the Dave Chappelle episode where he is walking around the “internet” in real life. Pretty skeazy…

  3. All I have to say is wow. That is sad that people are THAT lazy to come to something like that. No morals and very degrading to what standars they have to stoop to in order to get, from what they unsuccessfully wanted, was free money. I guess it came at a price. Tisk tisk.

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