marital rape

A friend posted a link to this article, and I was appalled when I read it. It talks about how a new Afghan law makes it legal for men to rape their wives.

One of the most controversial articles stipulates the wife “is bound to preen for her husband as and when he desires.”

“As long as the husband is not traveling, he has the right to have sexual intercourse with his wife every fourth night,” Article 132 of the law says. “Unless the wife is ill or has any kind of illness that intercourse could aggravate, the wife is bound to give a positive response to the sexual desires of her husband.”

Not only does this violate women’s rights, but the article mentions that many fear that this new law may reverse the progress that Afghanistan has made in recent years. Women are now allowed to go to school, own businesses, and be in public without a male relative escorting her… but this new law is a huge step backwards.

One of the drafters of the law claims that the new legislation offers more rights to women, saying

it gives more rights to women than even Britain or the United States does. He said the law makes women safer and ensures the husband is obliged to provide for her.

He is referring to a section of the law that requires husbands to have sexual relations with his wife at least once every four months, which supposedly “protects a woman’s right to sex within marriage.”

How this law provides more rights to women is a mystery to me. I cannot imagine one woman who would benefit from her husband having the right to force non-consensual sex upon her.

One (female) lawmaker commented that she cannot remember parlaiment discussing or voting on the law, and does not know how it came to be approved.


4 Responses

  1. “If a guy can’t rape his wife, who’s he gonna rape?”

    Wayne Anthony Ross

  2. Law is not passing – deemed unconstitutional. You think?

  3. Mr. Ross has produced a rebuttal claiming to have never said the quote above that I have attributed to him.

    Since I can’t delete my earlier comment, I thought it would be respectful to mention that here.

  4. Wayne Anthony Ross

    You are a disgusting waste of space!

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