Five Kids Found Dead in Trailer

What would drive a man (or any parent) to murder all five of his children? I just ran across this article on MSNBC and it hits rather close to home. This is the neighborhood I moved up here from this past summer. I wouldn’t doubt that the 16 year old probably went to school with my two high school aged cousins who live in the same area.
How does one’s situation end up so bad that he will kill his children and then himself? What did the kids do to deserve this? Better yet, where is the mother? There is a statement that the parents got into a fight and the mother left. Where was she to comment on the situation? Or has she even been found?
The comment from the former neighbor is also disturbing to me:

Carolyn and Raymond Bader, former neighbors of the family, told The Seattle Times they often heard the father yelling at the children. The Baders said they called the sheriff’s department and Child Protective Services several times with their concerns.

Here lies another problem with the system. If the police and CPS had been called previously, why were all five of these children still at home in harms way? Obviously, some intervention should have taken place prior to it coming to such a tragic ending. This seems to be a never ending battle. There are murders—murders of lots of people happening repeatedly these days. When will it end? What can we do to help?


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  1. I think the same thing whenever I hear about stuff like this. Its so bizarre to think about this because I dont think its something anyone without some sort of psychological issues could ever do. So for you or I to try and understand would never be possible.

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