No more sprinkles!!!

We as Americans are a society of consumers. I wonder just how dependent we are on commercial goods. Working for Starbucks and now Heritage it is amazing to see how people can become so furious if they aren’t able to have their mocha or a piece of lemon loaf. It seems to be that the customers really think that we purposefully had the grinder break down or be in the middle of a power outage and that we have control of what pastries other customers order. A post in the beginning of March reported that a woman called 911 three times because McDonalds was out of chicken nuggets.



“This is an emergency, If I would have known they didn’t have McNuggets, I wouldn’t have given my money, and now she wants to give me a McDouble, but I don’t want one,” Goodman later told police. “This is an emergency.”



As I was thinking about this craziness I decided to check out Starbucks. In a chat room for Starbucks customers and partners there was a post about no more toffee nuts. I absolutely found this hilarious! Starbucks brings out new drinks at least every quarter. The Toffee Nut Latter, made with toffee nut syrup, whip and toffee nuts, was a promotional beverage that really didn’t go over very well. I had to throw out a few bottles of toffee nuts because we never used them and they had expired.


The horror. The outrage. I have been drinking toffee nut lattes with whip and sprinkles since it was introduced last holiday season and watched as it drifted off the big board and became a special item to order.

Apparently there will be no more sprinkles and really, it’s the sprinkles that make the damn beverage what it is. I have no idea who is handling latte strategy up at headquarters but this news it quite distressing. Am I going to be forced to bring in outside sprinkles to my local Starbuck’s.


What are we going to do if there are no more sprinkles or nuggets? Why is shortage such a crisis? Sometimes I think we have too many things available to us to really see things in perspective.


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  1. I loved this post! I also find it ridiculous that people get so worked up over such insignificant details in life. Look at the big picture people!
    I have worked in soooo many customer service jobs over the years, so I have witnessed incidences like you described. Especially the last two summers, where I worked at Zen restaurant. People would get so upset over such stupid things!
    We quit putting these crunchy noodles in our salads (mostly for looks, they had absolutely no taste…) and people would freak out, and demand that I go and find them some crunchy noodles (because, of course, I was plotting against them by pretending that I had no noodles…). Or the fact that we didn’t make wonton soup, only miso and hot/sour. But they WANTED wonton! “Just make it!” They wanted espresso, we only made drip coffee. They wanted breakfast at 10PM, when our breakfast cooks left at 10:30AM, and we closed at 10PM (but they deserved pancakes, what kind of restaurant were we??)
    Ughhh, get over it people! There are much bigger problems in the world. You have a house, clothes on your back, you aren’t starving, and live in the most beautiful place on earth. Pick your battles.

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