This article at about the demonstrations in Britain over the G-20 meetings illustrates the world’s frustration and curiosity about how we got into this mess and what the plans are for getting us out. Some of the demonstrators were just there for the scene.

“I think we need to share the resources, power to the people and that,” said Tommy Langton, 40, who was innocuous except for the plastic toad he wore on his head. “I’m just a normal English person who likes a demonstration.”

Others had an agenda and a concise answer to the world’s problems.

“‘What did the 12-year-old want? “The death of capitalism,” she said.'”

Some were there because of sheer boredom.

“‘I’m out of work. It was either come down here or watch ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’,” said the former banker, a Canadian, as he gazed over the crowd.  He doubted that the leaders gathered at the G-20 would come up with anything useful or substantive.'”

No matter where one goes or what a governing body does, there will be demonstrators to disagree, dissuade, and, apparently, drink beer.

Cheers to the palatable ale of discontent.


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