I was looking at Psychology Today, and saw a blog about procrastination. I felt that this issue was especially appropriate for a blog post, considering that I have horribly procrastinated this blogging project.

The article suggests that there are two strategies to approach procrastination:

1.) Time Travel

2.) Tough Love

The tough love seems obvious. It is rare that anyone feels like working on a big project, going for a run in the rain, or organizing the garage… but it needs to be done. To just do it would be the obvious solution, but if everyone did this then there would be no problem with procrastination. The article states “expect that you probably won’t feel overly enthused to get started.” Of course not. That is why we procrastinate. We need a new approach.

The “time travel” strategy seems like a better approach for me. It suggests that when you think to yourself that ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, you attempt to imagine tomorrow. You “time travel” to when you are planning to procrastinate your task till. There’s a good chance that you won’t feel like doing it tomorrow. Or the next day for that matter. In fact, if you waited until you wanted to do it, it may never get done.

The article suggests to “just get started- progress will fuel well-being and enhance goal attainment”

This approach I understand. I never feel like doing tasks today, and I’m pretty positive that I won’t want to tomorrow either. But- I completely agree that once you get started, the work isn’t as bad as you imagined. And it is always such a proud feeling when you finish. So do it today, instead of waiting for tomorrow. And then you have tomorrow to look forward to!


2 Responses

  1. Adding another twist tot he “time travel” strategy, I always try to imagine how irritated “Tomorrow Dave” will be with “Today Dave” when tomorrow arrives and I haven’t done what needs to be done…

    For the record, “Today Dave” is usually extremely pissed off with “Yesterday Dave” for not being more productive…

  2. I always loved the idea of time travel, even in the context of using it as thinking about doing something in the future. Like right now I am trying to read 5 chapters of a book before a test tomorrow in Psychology. I told myself last week that i should at least read a chapter each day/night, but when that day came, I found something else to do instead becasue I know for a fact that when I DO read, I fall asleep. I was just weighing what would happen if I did read compared to reading it the day before, which usually works. Procrastination just seems like an everyday thing for everybody. I love it.

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