Welcome to Alcatraz!

Welcome to Alcatraz!

I spent part of my spring break in San Francisco. One of our great adventures was herding onto the ferry with the masses and checking out Alcatraz. Boy was I impressed! I honestly didn’t know much of the history of the former prison other than it was on an island and there were some pretty famous prisoners held there. One of the most fascinating things to me was learning that the families of the guards lived on the island everyday. Can you imagine living on an island with such terrifying criminals? The weirdest thing is that after hearing the accounts of the children, most of them loved it!. There is actually a book about it called: The Children of Alcatraz. This is a little blog article about it. It seems as if most of the children were intrigued by living there and weren’t at all afraid. I guess I had never even considered the guards having lived on the island, better yet their families. Just thought I’d share in case others didn’t know this little tid bit about the rock!……..what a gorgeous view as well! I’ve included just a couple pictures I took while there. If you want to see more, let me know…I took a ton! view


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  1. I visited Alcatraz in 1993 — it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen…. Beautiful island as well. There’s actually a ton of literature out there from former guards, family members, inmates, etc. — glad you were able to make the trip!

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