No Touching!

I found the following article interesting Connecticut School Bans Physical Contact. Due to recent events at East Shore Middle School all physical contact has been banned between students. The physical contact includes high-fives, hugs and handshakes. An important part of any education institution is the socializing that takes place between students. While in school children develop skills and habits necessary for acting and practicing in life which includes certain types of physical contact. I understand that not all physical contact is appropriate in school like holding hands and kissing, but for a hug between two longtime girlfriends or a handshake between to athletes at the end of a game to be banned seems a little excessive to me. Any thoughts?


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  1. This sounds like a classic case of changing an entire structure (i.e. the rules students must abide by) in reaction to an isolated incident (i.e. a personal injury resulting from some kind of physical contact). Or in other words “cutting your nose off to spite your face.”

    Not a good plan. I wonder what exactly they were thinking?

  2. Yeah, lots of thoughts…
    So this must be the principal’s overreaction to pressure from parents and teachers to contain the “horseplay” around campus. But is just seems ridiculous, you cannot ban touching! I mean humans are animals; we fight, fuck, eat, shit and all attempts to ban such impulsive behavior always turns out lame.

  3. I agree, you cannot forbid human contact! Physical contact is human, and to ban it is wrong! It reminds me of those cases of neglected children, or children in crowded orphanages that never got human affection or interaction.. it was detrimental to their development and wellbeing.

  4. This article reminded me of a news story I saw on today. It was a response to the behavior Mrs. Obama displayed while visiting the Queen of England. Apparently she touched the queen during a photo-op that the two were giving to the press and this violated strict policies about the behavior of non-royals with royals. Maybe its because I didn’t grow up in a Monarchy, or even in a nation where there is a unanimous reverence for our leaders, but the whole thing seems a little pretentious. The same goes for the children in this middle school. How is it possible to go all day without touching anyone? Thats going to make for some awkward interactions when these kids go onto high school.

  5. I find that pretty ridiculous. Physical contact has been a part of every culture that I can think of since the dawn of time. I hope this won’t be a trend. Just imagine if everybody could not touch each other. No reproduction and the world would die. I wonder if it will be overturned ever.

  6. My thoughts are this: if any account of touching is prohibited then the school will find itself in loads of paperwork and lawsuits and the desire to touch will increase amoung the students. The desire may not be for violence or kicking people in the groin, but it will be for more social, consoling touches. Think about the emotions middle school girls, and boys, are going through! If they aren’t able to get a hug from a girlfriend or a guy pal, then were are they going to turn to emotional relief. I wouldn’t be surprised if the incidence of sex and other risky behaviors increased because the simple act of touching was not allowed.

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