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A blogger on Newsweek’s website wrote about the early and untimely deaths of Natasha Richardson and Jade Goody.  Goody had time to prepare her two young children for her death; Richardson did not.  The blogger was prompted to think about what would happen to her children if she died or knew she was going to.  She realized that parents immediatly jump to help their kids. Of course they do!  But not many are willing to spend the time and money on their own welfare.  I am not a parent yet, but I have made frantic calls to the vet at seven o’clock in the morning to describe my dog’s vomit, or inquire about lethargy.  I have driven my car’s clunking bumper to the auto shop and dropped a thousand dollars without batting an eye.  But when it comes time to take care of myself, I think I fall into the realm of everyone else when I say I just don’t want to know.  Or can’t afford it.  Or it’s an inconvenience. Is it that we trust that our loved ones will come to our rescue when the time comes?  The blogger ends her passage with a note that she will start taking better care of herself for her children.  It is a hard thing to face one’s mortality (which is what going to the doctor forces us to do).  But if we take care  of ourselves, it is obvious that those around us will benefit.


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  1. This post reminds me of a sentiment Nic Scheff (from my earlier blog about addiction) repeated several times as his meth addiction ravaged his family and harmed all the people he loved…he kept saying that if wanted to kill himself through drug use that he should be able to.

    It may be a stretch but the same idea that he was crippled by guilt for the trauma he caused when stealing $7 or so dollars from his kid brother but not making the connection that by overdosing he would do infinitely more damage to his young sibling presents an interesting psychological mechanism.

    I’m not sure what it is called but I know I am also guilty of making and accepting decisions that harm myself directly more easily than I would ever choose to directly harm someone I love – even though by harming myself I indirectly hurt those very same people because they love me.

  2. I absolutely do not think that going to the doctor frequently, or at all, puts one in the category of healthy. Cars need to go to the auto shop because they cannot fix themselves. Humans, on the other hand, are amazing creatures (just like dogs) which can repair themselves given they lead healthy lifestyles.

    Hospitals are not what makes people healthy! What we choose to put into our bodies and lots of exercise makes us healthy. And the more attention one gives these tasks the more in tune they become with their being; allowing them to continually enhance themselves.

    One other thing…It is only the last 100 years that humans view most ailments as fixable or cureable. Seriously, 100 years ago the flu was deadly, always! Now if 3 people die in the Midwest because of this year’s flu everyone rushes to Safeway to get vaccinated. Used to be everyone died!

    Drink milk and your bones wont break.
    Eat protein and carbs and you’ll have energy.
    Drink water and you wont get sick.
    Dont smoke or drink alcohol or eat things with an ingredients list longer than 5 items.
    Boo ya!

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