Truth About Lying

There was a situation that I dealt with that involved a client I work with and his mother. The main problem is she thinks she is always right and will not listen to criticism, and will not accept others answers. She perceives herself as being right about ways to treat her son, which everybody else thinks is insane or crazy. My point is that she has been perceiving herself as being right for so many years that anybody elses who tries to defy what she wants or says, is wrong through her eyes. Helping Psychology  shows that people will use facts and events to help support their “ego”, as the Admin of the article says. There are many other ways that people can view situations as positive for themselves as the article shows:

This can be seen extended to even larger groups. People in religious groups, families and even whole communities can exhibit such self deception on a grand scale. For example, a religious group may believe in all of the sayings of their leader and be a part of a mass suicide because they believe that everything they said was true.

Communities are even capable of showing signs of self denial. Parts of the United States even have whole communities in the South that believe they won the civil war and have a separate perceived reality that even alters history for them.

This just shows that people bask in the their own reflected glory, either by their own ego about being right or in groups. People use this to help their self-esteem, but sometimes this isn’t always a good thing. It mentions that people believe these kids of so called “lies” and develops “delusional thinking”. This can seriously effect relationships with family members, friends, and spouses. From the situation that I was in, they did not want to believe they were wrong about anything and think that their own way of thinking is the only way to go. Many people don’t know that this has been happening for as long as life has lived.


2 Responses

  1. In relation to this article, I think one of the greatest achievements of higher education should be instilling within people that they do not know everything…”the more I learn, the less I know.”

    I am generally wary of those who behave as though they know what is right (politicians claiming they have THE answer come to mind) without being able to acknowledge the different perceived realities of others and the legitimacy of those differences.

  2. Yes, I do agree and also, even though I am not a big political fan, I see people saying in some situations that they will give do this and that and claiming such route to for the economy or such right of way to end or fight terrorism is the right way. Nobody will ever be right about any situation they choose to do, it’s just a matter if people percieve that situation to be right or not.

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