Show Me the Money!

It’s amazing in these tough economic times we still find individuals that just don’t have a clue how good they got it and have totally lost touch with reality. Marie Douglas-David couldn’t be a better example of this because according to the article Countess divorcing former CEO says $43M just isn’t enough Ms. Douglas-David is seeking additional money from her divorce settlement because she is having a hard time surviving off of her current monthly alimony allowance of $53K. Ms. Douglas-David feels she is entitled to over $100M plus a monthly alimony allowance of $130K. People like this disgust me because I know everyday thousands of hardworking people are laid off but still have families to feed and bills to pay. Just for fun I would like to see Ms. Douglas-David be required volunteer at a homeless shelter. Maybe then she will graciously accept the $43M and shut up, I know I would!


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