Late-starting school for teens

I ran across this article on MSN, where I spend way too much time reading articles from the “Weird news” or the “criminal weirdness” section. But every once in a while I find something that makes sense to me.

Throughout high school I remember some of our teachers and instructors talking about how teens need more sleep, and that their brains aren’t fully functional early in the morning. I remember teachers talking about how having to get up SO early was a problem that only effected our ability to learn and perform in school. Naturally, we all agreed.

I work in a juvenile residential behavioral treatment facility, and we have the “Why do we have to get up so early” debate all the time. Although our kids don’t attend public school, their teachers are public school teachers and they have to go to school during the same times as public school kids. Although I agree that we should start school a little later, I can’t do anything about it. I still can’t figure out why school happens so early, especially when there is data stating that it’s just not a good idea.  

It sounds as though the folks in England have it figured out.


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  1. Well, now since being out of high school, I don’t have a problem with getting up early for school. The only probably I have is gettnig up early for my job, waking up at 6am and being to work at 7am. I still do find that debate interesting and I really wonder how far it has gone back. Now that being out of high school, it seems like the high schoolers are getting less schools day for some reason. and not just the fact that they are still getting up early. I wonder if we will ever adopt England’s way of starting school.

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