International Women’s Day Sunday

On Sunday the world (hopefully) celebrates the wonder that is Woman.  Ladies, I would like you to take a moment to pause and ponder the obstacles that we have overcome. We are in this class room right now because of the insistent women who came before us.  We are stressed out over our jobs because of our predecessors.  We can take pleasure in painting an accent wall in our very own house that we bought with our own money because of the fight of our foremothers.  We can vote and even become president of the country that once held us down, but now has given us the opportunity to break through that ubiquitous glass ceiling!  We can bag ourselves a husband, or get rid of one that just isn’t working out.  Girls, we can become priests, rabbis, soldiers, or mothers.  Society is gradually releasing its stronghold on the ideals of womanhood.  But, this is the United States.  The news reeks of other countries’ insistence of women as inferior beings.  Franz Boas touted cultural relativism and not comparing one culture to another, but it is hard not to pass harsh judgement when one hears of rape as punishment, or the horrendous female circumcision.  For the strides that the United States has taken in the direction of women’s rights, the rest of the world is tripping over itself.  So, tomorrow when we are tap-dancing on our glass ceiling, we should have a moment of silence for the women who are still trying to see through theirs.


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