Nine-Year-Old’s Abortion in Brazil

This article inTime Magazine discusses the backlash of an abortion performed on a 9 year old rape victim.  Abortion is illegal in Brazil and as a result the family and doctor were excommunicated by the Catholic Church.  I was surprised by many aspects of this article: Abortion in Brazil is illegal except in cases of rape or when mother’s life is in danger; so why the big deal?   However, the focus on the abortion and uproar it caused, instead of the pregnant nine year old is the most disturbing to me….

The case of the pregnant 9-year-old was shocking enough. But it was the response of the Catholic Church that infuriated many Brazilians. Archibishop Jose Cardoso Sobrinho of the coastal city of Recife announced that the Vatican was excommunicating the family of a local girl who had been raped and impregnated with twins by her stepfather, because they had chosen to have the girl undergo an abortion. The Church excommunicated the doctors who performed the procedure as well. “God’s laws,” said the archbishop, dictate that abortion is a sin and that transgressors are no longer welcome in the Roman Catholic Church. “They took the life of an innocent,” Sobrinho told TIME in a telephone interview. “Abortion is much more serious than killing an adult. An adult may or may not be an innocent, but an unborn child is most definitely innocent. Taking that life cannot be ignored.”



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  1. Testing to see if I can insert an image as commentary…if it doesn’t work you can find it here:

    I just love their stuff.

  2. So I don’t understand this… the girl is raped by her step-father and she is 9! What about that is not part of the legal acceptions in the Catholic church for abortion? What kind of life can a 9 year-old, who is still a child, provide for twins, especially considering the father of these children! What kind of home life would these children (the mother and the twins) have experienced? I would like to know what happened to the step-father, I didn’t read anything about prosecution in the article. I do wonder if the rapist was the girl’s real father and not just her step-father, if the Church would have seen incest as a qualification for abortion, even though rape and being 9 didn’t count.
    Abortion is a very touchy subject and even though I’m Pro-Choice, I think some thought should go into the actions that create babies, and those outcomes, including the babies!

  3. Wow. I mean…wow. So, the article says abortion is much more serious than killing an adult….but a 9 year old is not adult. It just doesn’t make any sense: this girl and her situation fit the bill for an abortion to be considered legal in Brazil…this seems so outageous…

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