Oh the wonderful world of Barbie

I won’t lie, I played with Barbie well into my early teen years. I’ve been really intrigued by Barbies throughout the years…all the changes they’ve made to her and the different things they can come up with. No, I’m not a collector. And no, I don’t still play with them. However, I do still find entertainment in it when Barbie makes the news. In the last couple of days I’ve seen two such things. Both I find rather comical.

The first is more of a spoof on Barbie and a look at the 50-something women our culture has begun to call “cougars.” Have a look at this clip:

The next is an article about a new “Tattooed Barbie.” Seriously, what is the big deal about selling a doll with fake tattoos a child can put on it and/or themselves? Now if the doll was sold with a trampstamp and a tattoo on one or both of her breasts, then maybe I could see a problem. But get real! Let the kids have a little fun with these harmless stick on tats.

Some parents remarked that they wouldn’t buy a Barbie with tattoos, as it encourages girls to show off their bodies. To be fair, the blond bombshell doesn’t come with tattoos already applied. It’s up to the kids to attach the stickers where they see fit. The tattoos look to be the standard collection of hearts, stars, and butterflies. Sadly, there are no “Death Before Dishonor” or “Semper Fi” tattoos.

Observing the children apply these tattoos to Barbie could be a great indicator of the child’s personality. Where would you stick those cute little hearts, stars and butterflies?


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