The World of Cell Phones

UN Digital Development

People in the world are becoming used to technology, even if it is a little cell phone that they can carry around. reports taht 4.1 billion people in the world have subscriptions to cell phones. This is a a 4 billion person increase from 2002, when cell phones were just starting to get hot. I know that I didn’t get a cell phone until about that time, probably around 2003. People are now becoming more advanced and looking to future phones like iphones. The world has seen a big shift in using cell phones to communicate, especially in countries such as Africa, South America, Korea, etc. This countries are not that industrialized, but they do make up a portion of the population with cell phone subscriptions. The Susan Teltscher, who leads the ICT’s statistics division  says that

The so-called “digital divide” between rich and poor countries remained unchanged between 2002 and 2007…”In terms of consumer demand and uptake, there will probably be a little bit of slowdown in the growth, but we are not expecting any decline,” she said. “People who have a mobile phone are unlikely to give up on it.”

With cell phones, nobody will ever want to switch back or give up an “old school” phone that is connected into the wall. These have many benefits, especially in countries with less industrialized populations. People will continue to update and expanded in technological advances trying to speed up internet and ways to connect to people easier around the world. cell phones are a start and are still young.


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  1. The thing that gets me with cell phone technology and it’s overuse is how intrusive it is. There are numerous articles littering the world wide web about proper cell phone etiquette. I guess the way I see things is like this: if, before cell phones became permanently attatched to our ear, and we were in whatever situation, then don’t use it. In class? Don’t use it. At the Doc’s? Don’t use it. Out to dinner? Don’t use it.
    I have a friend who drives me up the wall with his continual cell phone usage. We go to dinner and he talks all through our meal-not only annoying me, but everyone within ear shot. He also brings his wall-charger incase the battery dies. Can you believe this guy?! What the heck would he have done ten years ago and he was out having dinner with a friend?
    And let’s not even bring up the fact that cell phones break so easily–then you’re forced to buy a new one and upgrade; you’ll be lucky if it even lasts a year.

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