Economy Excusing Adultery?

I just read an article on about an adultery website called  It advertises adulterous opportunities to unhappily married people.  I was thinking that the economic woes we are experiencing find their way into our love lives, either halting them altogether, or creating a twitchy dissatisfaction that is only satiated by extramarital affairs.  The proprietor of the site maintains that his site is a self-esteem booster for women.  Ladies?  I would like to think that our foremothers and their huge historical strides would cringe at the idea of women reverting to sex to feel good about themselves.  Moral values are about as grounded as a lawn chair in a hurricane in the United States.  Losing one’s job, house, retirement, savings, etc. makes infadelity seem trivial.  But, why are we passing judgement on something this private?  At this time in our lives, achieving some shred of happiness should be acceptable.  Sex is noncommittal, relatively cheap compared to a gym membership or a diet change.  It is instant gratification and I bet people who are considering committing adultery have nothing to lose because they have already lost it all.  It is just interesting how an econominc armageddon affects every fascet of our conciousness and renders our once sturdy morality flaccid.  Perhaps after this maelstrom passes we will have a different definition of marriage.


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  1. Some alternative versions of feminism that come to mind include those who would promote women’s unbridled sexuality or “reverting to sex to feel good about themselves” as a positive stride towards empowerment or an equalization to men’s version of sexuality.

    Not that I am arguing for

    I do find it a little sleazy that in his targeting women specifically as customers, he used two popular baby names to brand his product as female-friendly and appealing, or “safe.” Especially since he used my name.

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