Diet and Hunger

Psychology Today reports on diet and health in people and how they try to maintain their weight, but still are not able to do it properly with all the fast foods and cravings people have. I know some people who have struggled with this and I am sure that other people do as well. I know I have been working out for 3 years. It is really hard to maintain the proper weight, especially with all the different kinds of foods you are around everyday. Ice cream, chips, man made foods, and especially McDonald’s are what people make them not want to keep their diet continuing. I know people are different and some still have to maintain will power in order to do this. It takes a lot to lose what you have gained over the years and it is hard to do. 

People who struggle with their weight report that the main reasons they give up on a diet are because they miss eating foods they love, they are hungry all or most of the time, and then hit a plateau and can’t get any further.

If anybody has ever seen Fast Food Nation or Supersize Me, then you know that people in this country are getting fatter and fatter with publicity like McDonald’s puts out. Some people also find the fact that vegetables are tasteless, boring, and do not fill them up. I know how those people feel, I did not like eating fruits and veggies until 3 years ago, believe it or not. I found them to be really really good and beneficial in everyway. I even have motivated a couple of friends to eat healthier and they both lost around 50lbs, but they did not keep it off. It feels better to know that all the hard work that somebody does to loose weight, pays off. You give them a better sense about themselves, give them more motivation to do better in life, and helps them look good. Many people have felt this experience and know what I am talking about. I just feel that some people should at least give it a try to naturally loose weight instead of doing surgery to get it down, which costs thousands and is more painful. Personally, it is worth is.


2 Responses

  1. I have adapted to an all-natural, no fast food, near vegetarian lifestyle. Still weight has been an issue for me, and for many people I know who adopt this lifestyle as well. I think it is prudent for people to try and change their eating habits, incorporating veggies and fruits instead of a Big Mac but sometimes genetics and other health problems outweigh (haha) trying to eat right. I personally think many people turn to surgery and a quick fix such as drugs to maintain or control their weight before they embark on an excercise program and healthy eating habits. However, I do have to say that for some people who have tried, for many years, to control their weight and cannot, sometimes surgery, such as Gastric Bypass Surgery, is an only option. Just remember that for most surgeons who perform Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and Lapband, there are many tests and requirements before surgery can be preformed, including a full medical and psychological workup as well as a six-month or more diet and excercise program to ensure that the patient will be able to abide by the new lifestyle that surgery demands.

  2. Yeah,that is very true. I know that I got my moms genetics where I eat anything and I immediately gain weight where as my brothers and sister have my dads side of the genetics.They can eat everything and not gain a pound.I lost weight 3 years ago from just eating right and worked out everyday for almost 6 months and lost a considerable amount of weight. But I do agree that many people try hard, and never can get their. The fast foods have been so adapted into the US culture that people just consider it their only food and won’t eat anything else. There are just a bunch of different factors that come into play when a person decides to work out/not work out and what causes them to not eat good food/eat bad foods.

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