China’s Tibet Policy


Thought I might bring up Tibet this time around.  Been a while since I had heard anything on the current situation-looks like things are just as messy as ever.

In The Economist this week they ran an article called, “Another Year of the Iron Fist.”  It is nothing too in depth, just a reminder of the atrocities that China has inflicted on the Tibetan people since is seizure in the 1950’s.  The author writes:

The fact that so many troops are still needed, merely to prevent commemorative protests, suggests that China’s Tibet policy is in need of an overhaul.

The author also wrote that China was concerned that their Tibet relations may negatively affect the Beijing Olympics.  Luckily for them, things went off pretty smooth.

Upon doing a little research on Chinese-Tibetan relations I found that the U.S. Department of State’s 2008 Human Rights Report on China reported that Chinese have been performing shock torture on insolent Tibetans (pic of woman), along with other unthinkable acts.  Alas, my contempt for China has been renewed!  How bout yours?


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  1. Wow Nick. Thanks for bringing this subject up again. It is amazing that this has not been forefront in the news these days. Then again, I suppose it is hard to keep up with all the horrendous actions humanity is taking against itself. This makes one wonder why we keep populating the planet. !@#$%^&*s giving birth to *&^%$#@!s. It all boils down to the oh-so-tender subject of religion, of course. We can flog that dead horse to the end of time and it will not change the fact that so many people need to have something to believe in, something to be empowered by, and something to prove, no matter who it kills.

  2. I should have said that my contempt for China regarding this matter has been renewed.

  3. Wow the image depicting the women that has experienced “shock torture” is disturbing. I would like to know more about what that is and the rational behind this bestial act. Do you have a link to the source of this image that I could follow?

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