Welcome to Alcatraz!

Welcome to Alcatraz!

I spent part of my spring break in San Francisco. One of our great adventures was herding onto the ferry with the masses and checking out Alcatraz. Boy was I impressed! I honestly didn’t know much of the history of the former prison other than it was on an island and there were some pretty famous prisoners held there. One of the most fascinating things to me was learning that the families of the guards lived on the island everyday. Can you imagine living on an island with such terrifying criminals? The weirdest thing is that after hearing the accounts of the children, most of them loved it!. There is actually a book about it called: The Children of Alcatraz. This is a little blog article about it. It seems as if most of the children were intrigued by living there and weren’t at all afraid. I guess I had never even considered the guards having lived on the island, better yet their families. Just thought I’d share in case others didn’t know this little tid bit about the rock!……..what a gorgeous view as well! I’ve included just a couple pictures I took while there. If you want to see more, let me know…I took a ton! view



I was looking at Psychology Today, and saw a blog about procrastination. I felt that this issue was especially appropriate for a blog post, considering that I have horribly procrastinated this blogging project.

The article suggests that there are two strategies to approach procrastination:

1.) Time Travel

2.) Tough Love

The tough love seems obvious. It is rare that anyone feels like working on a big project, going for a run in the rain, or organizing the garage… but it needs to be done. To just do it would be the obvious solution, but if everyone did this then there would be no problem with procrastination. The article states “expect that you probably won’t feel overly enthused to get started.” Of course not. That is why we procrastinate. We need a new approach.

The “time travel” strategy seems like a better approach for me. It suggests that when you think to yourself that ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, you attempt to imagine tomorrow. You “time travel” to when you are planning to procrastinate your task till. There’s a good chance that you won’t feel like doing it tomorrow. Or the next day for that matter. In fact, if you waited until you wanted to do it, it may never get done.

The article suggests to “just get started- progress will fuel well-being and enhance goal attainment”

This approach I understand. I never feel like doing tasks today, and I’m pretty positive that I won’t want to tomorrow either. But- I completely agree that once you get started, the work isn’t as bad as you imagined. And it is always such a proud feeling when you finish. So do it today, instead of waiting for tomorrow. And then you have tomorrow to look forward to!

What Comes Next?

London Protests

Once again, with this year’s G-20 Summit coming up (and the abundance of material for protesting banners) political activists, environmental groups, but also regular people, are all meeting in London to “greet” international leaders.

Protesters gathering on Saturday were calling for jobs, fair distribution of wealth, and a low-carbon future. They carried banners and posters reading “Climate Emergency,” “Gaza: End the Blockade,” “Planet Before Profit,” “We Won’t Pay for Their Crisis,” and “Jobs not Bombs.”

In a preliminary meeting of G-20 officials in Chile on Saturday, Joe Biden asked for patience, and promised to have a concrete plan of recovery out of the economic mess. Needless to say, tensions in Britain and all-over Europe are not going to get mellowed-down by this type of promises. Instead, British protesters follow the general feeling of rage among the taxpayer, from Washington to Brussels.

It is expected that the marches will continue throughout the meeting in London and the rest of Europe next week. The masses, ranging from 400 protesters in Paris, to 20,000 people demonstrating in Frankfurt, are only continuing to grow, and some are expecting the largest amount of enraged people since the huge rallies against the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

It is hard to say exactly what the effect of the protesters will be upon the decisions made within the G-20, but one thing is certain: this allows people to have someone to hold responsible for the crisis. Furthermore, it allows them to collectively show their anger against their governments, and get their voices heard. The only thing that keeps people from rallying the streets in America is Barack Obama, who is still extremely popular among the people, even though not all of them support him in his giant stimulus package.

No Touching!

I found the following article interesting Connecticut School Bans Physical Contact. Due to recent events at East Shore Middle School all physical contact has been banned between students. The physical contact includes high-fives, hugs and handshakes. An important part of any education institution is the socializing that takes place between students. While in school children develop skills and habits necessary for acting and practicing in life which includes certain types of physical contact. I understand that not all physical contact is appropriate in school like holding hands and kissing, but for a hug between two longtime girlfriends or a handshake between to athletes at the end of a game to be banned seems a little excessive to me. Any thoughts?

Impression Management

I was reading this post about social networking via internet sites like Facebook and Myspace and it grabbed my attention because I had recently been discussing the topic with friends. Karen Sterneihmer, the author of the blog discussed these sites break down impression management by allowing for private information to become public. I think these sites tend to help impression management though. Unlike ever before people are allowed to make an image of themselves (that might not be very accurate) and present that to a wide population. Its crazy the amount of people on these sites, and they see what you want them to see.

Palestinian Children Sing for Holocaust Survivors

The Palestinian children of a West Bank refugee camp sang for a group of Holocaust survivors. I ran across this article on (as usual) just after we discussed the article in class regarding terrorism.

Both groups, Israelis and Palestinians, have suffered atrocities throughout time that have left them scarred in one form or anther. As we know, there is a lot of history between the two groups.

HOLON, Israel – The Palestinian youths from the tough West Bank refugee camp stood facing the elderly Holocaust survivors Wednesday, appearing somewhat defiant in a teenage sort of way. Then they began to sing

Yet each experienced a peaceful event with one another.

“Only people who have been through suffering understand each other,” 

(Ali Zeid, an 18-year-old keyboard player)

Whoda thunk it?

I though we were over this whole “being gay is all in your head” thing. According to this article one sixth of British therapists are still trying to teach how to be un-gay. It’s still taught of as a “cure”. Can you believe that?

“There is very little evidence to show that attempting to treat a person’s homosexual feelings is effective and in fact it can actually be harmful,” according to Micheal King of University College London.

I tend to agree with that. There are numerous people in my life, friends, family, classmates, co-workers, who are homosexual. Many of them have shared their heartbreaking stories of how people tried to “beat the gay out of them” or teach them how to be straight and it caused nothing but trauma and pain. No bueno, if you asked me.