Health Issues of the “Greatest” Country on Earth

I used to be a smoker. I quit in december after two years of smoking and right now I still get cravings for cigarettes. The reason that I quit smoking is because people have told me that it is bad for my health. I will not argue that. However, with the growing causes of health issues, we should start wondering what is healthy and what isnt. There have been cases in the past where vegetarian joggers drop dead at age 40 from heart attacks, and at the same time a 250 pound smoker lives to the age of 90 and dies of old age. If it is a question of why, the answer is simple, we are all different. This is what Lewis Black talks about in his five minute rant. Not only does he mention that Americans should stop considering themselves the greatest country on earth, but we should also consider the health issues that we have. We cant be listening to what the media tells us about what is healthy and what isnt. It is possible that for someone, cigarettes can be a positive thing to their body. Im not saying that we should all run to the store and load up on Camel Lights, but I am saying that maybe its time to put the brocolli down for a second and think. Will it really do ya good? And finally I will say NO THAT BURGER ONCE IN A WHILE WILL NOT HURT YOU!!!!


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