11 year old shoots dad’s pregnant fiance

What has gotten into kids these days? Why are we giving our children access to guns? I’m all for teaching your kids gun safety, and even teaching them the proper way to fire a gun. However, after reading crazy stories like this one, I really start to think guns should be locked up in households containing children.It really is sad that it has come to this, but some safety precautions need to be taken. When I was a kid (not really that long ago) I never would have dreamed of shooting someone. We played with BB guns and paintball guns and never had any problems. We knew the proper way to handle a gun, and knew never to point it at someone. What has changed in so few years?

Not only will the life of this 11 year old boy be forever changed, but the boy’s father’s 26 year old fiance had two small children an well. They now get to grow up without their mother. In all honesty, I’m glad the boy is going to be charged as an adult. He shot the lady then went to school as if nothing happened. Even though they say they don’t know what his motive is, there had to be something going on in that boy’s head. If he could make such a rash decision, he needs help.


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  1. A couple of social sciency questions here:

    (1) Kids have been killing adults for all of recorded history. Is there something unique about this case that should cause us to wonder if “kids these days” are worse than ever?

    (2) What are the benefits (perceived or actual) of trying children as adults? The psychology profession is pretty much on-board with the idea that these laws aren’t appropriate. If the kid “needs help,” is the adult criminal justice system the best means of delivering it?

    (3) It would be interesting to know what Florida’s gun laws actually look like. Do they require gun locks? I poked around to see, and I can’t find any evidence they do….

  2. Sorry about that link, not sure what happened. Here is a different article regarding the same topic:

    It seems to me like it is more common nowadays that we hear about kids killing people. However, I wonder if this just has to do with media coverage. Maybe people have begun to realize it is becoming a problem. However, the media itself (in my opinion) is part of the problem. Honestly, I think if school shootings and other such things weren’t so widely publicized there wouldn’t be so many similar incidents….copycat behavior…or we’re just planting the idea in people’s heads.
    Locking a child in jail isn’t going to rehabilitate him or her, or probably help them out. However, I don’t think it is right to not charge the kid as an adult and then just sweep it under the rug when he or she turns 18…..as what happens with most crimes committed by a juvenile. So no, maybe the laws aren’t 100% appropriate, but until someone figures out something better, this is all we’ve got.

  3. Though I’m sure there are a lot of people who would happily agree with you that extensive media coverage of events like school shootings encourage “copycat behavior” of disturbed and disconnected “kids these days,” I don’t believe that’s a very valid assumption to make, much less a fair one. I would certainly agree that we are over-saturated by media coverage availability in our country, but as individuals we make conscious choices to read newspapers, magazines, watch cable news networks, browse the internet, and seek out/absorb enormous amounts of information. While 24-hour “news” networks do tend to shove the same story, with the same sensationalized (yet generally worthless) details, down our throats, we have the power of the remote control. Turn it off, and walk away.
    Sure, some of the individuals who commit heinous crimes are very impressionable or could be easily influenced. However, it’s quite a stretch to say that media coverage of a crime “inspires” another person to recreate the act and carry it out themselves. People who kill other people in a way that is planned and (to them, in their minds) with a purpose do these things because they are not only capable, but want to. If there was a lack of desire to seek revenge, terrorize/cause pain, or whatever else they feel that drives them to commit violent acts against others, I don’t think that watching too much cable news coverage or reading too many blog posts about a crime would cause someone to go out and copycat the act.
    It is imperative that the adults in a house where guns are owned keep the guns unloaded and locked away, out of sight and reach, at all times. Not only that, but from a very early age children must be taught the specific uses of a gun and why they can be very dangerous to be touched or handled. My father is a lifelong hunter and as a very young girl he taught me quite a lot about his guns. He would take me hunting with him, to show me what he used them for. He would clean the guns, and show me how he takes them apart; to keep them clean and also to keep us safe. He taught me how to make shotgun shells for him to use, but as soon as we finished making them would always store them away somewhere, because even outside of a gun he explained to me how they could be dangerous. We have a small closet in the hall of my house that is my father’s gun closet. He always told me to never, ever touch the handle – even though it is always locked and I couldn’t open it, I was never allowed to even touch the door. Even to this day, I walk right past that closet all the time and it’s almost as if it isn’t even there – I don’t notice it anymore. My father did not make me fear guns, but he taught me to fear those who did not understand or respect guns. Just because someone is an adult does not mean they know how to safely care for, use, or store a firearm – gun safety MUST be learned and practiced by the adult of the household and it MUST be passed on to any children present in the house. Otherwise, a child who lacks proper instruction on the use of a gun can get their hands on one without proper knowledge of the true consequences.
    Ignorance, laziness, and improper communication about guns and gun safety/responsibility are far more dangerous than guns themselves.

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