Education in Games?

I found this to be interesting, since this is one of the most talked about issues by parents. Some people say that certain games have some educational value by using technical skils such as problem solving, mathematics, problem-solving skills, etc. This comes from, which I look at everyday to find something new. This is one of the rare articles that I find that gives me somewhat of a surprise, but yet, in a way it does not. I find that video games have a somewhat psychological effect on teenagers and children just because of those small reasons, but I am not sure how much of a big difference that makes to the real world. Also, if you are going to sit for hours at home, like one teenager did in the article and go from straight A’s to failing class, then that is where people draw the line and say that video games are bad for you and your lifestyle. There is also a major positive social effect that goes on, which I believe is a good thing AND also a bad thing. The good, being that you can connect with people all around the world and meet people that you have many things in common with. The bad thing is, you don’t know what kind of people you can meet behind the computer screen. They can be any lonely person that still lives with their parents or in a house alone or just be a regular kid, which it usually is. The researchers in this article try to find the psychological and the sociological effects of how this can/might effect the long-term cognitive issues with kids and games. I just found it interesting how they look into the the positve of this situation.


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  1. Nice article dude! loving reading from ya.

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