Anthro in action

This article is one example of Anthropology in action in that it reveals one scenario that most people would consider totally weird. In fact, I located it in the “wierd  news” section on There are a number of cultrual traditions, rites of passage or events that may seem strange to many of us, however to those engaging in these acts, it is simply ordinary.


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  1. In most cultures the presence of teeth at birth (natal teeth) is quite supersticious. I was trying to find more information about this, and ended up coming across this article.

    Natal and. Neonatal. Teeth. Among the Tlinget. Indians. JOHN. T. MAYHALL. University of. Chicago,. Department of. Anthropology

    The case study only involved 90 individuals. But it was interesting to see local information in a national case study. I was interested to learn that no superstitions were associated .

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