Taku in Danger!


150 years ago, if you wanted to protect some geographic location, you kept your mouth shut about it; for if anyone knew about possible resources to exploit-they would.  Now, if you want to protect something you have to shout from the roof tops, “Hey! Look over here! Corporations are looking to molest this resource indefinitely!” 

Perhapes some of you went to the Banff Film Festival and watched “Red Gold,” the story about Pebble Mine and its threat to the salmon run at Bristol Bay.  That issue needs a significant amount of attention; however, literally right around the corner is the Taku River, which also needs attention from those with the energy to help conserve natural resources.

The Juneau Empire recently  ran this story about the Redfern mine and its proposed hoverbarge.  Being semi-informed about this situation, I feel that looking at this article is a good start for folks looking to have an opinion on the Taku River’s resources.  Although this article is not all that informative, it will at least get your feet wet. 

Redfern says its plan will minimally impact the environment, and pour millions of dollars into the local economy. But sport and commercial fishermen worry Redfern’s vehicles will scrape the channel’s bottom, which they argue will disrupt spawning or rearing habitats.


These are pictures of the the proposed pieces of machinery.  All are amphibious, which gives them the ability to affect both water-bound species and land-bound ones.  The proposed operations of the Redfern mine seem to show that salmon are in danger (which they already are from tug-pulled barges) due to these machines’ molestation of the ecological system which they traverse.  Moose, and other terrestrial animals will be affected by high snow berms created by snow cats (or groomers) across migration paths.

Not sure if I hate Redfern or not.  I think their proposed method of traveling up the Taku River is sketchy as hell; using a cluster of machines in their infancy to plow their way up a pristine, unmolested, and thriving ecosystem.  However, there is no getting around the need for mined resources.  It is unrealistic to oppose all exploitation of this Earth because the fact remains that humans will seize what they need.  Even if we eliminated non-necessity desires, supplying the world’s population with goods needed to survive would require molestation of natural resources.


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  1. New info about this in the paper today (feb 18). Check out Juneau Empire on the web and search Taku… Looks like mine operations are suspended indefintely. However the article clearly depicts Redferns investments in this mine and it seems clear that the threat is still very present.

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