George Carlin tells us how the country is doomed

In this ten minute rant by George Carlin, he tells us exactly how out country is in the shitter, and its only gonna get worse. He tells us that through the “national pastime” of consumption, we are just gonna get fat, broke and stupid. Because people wanna buy shit that they dont need, they fall into credit card dept. Because people spend so much time in the food court at the mall, they get fat. The obesity rate in this country is the highest in the world, and the obesity rate among children is outrageous. The schools keep lowering test scores in school so that more students would pass, and in result the average IQ of the country drops.
I would have to say that Carlin expressed the truth in this rant, and when he says that consumption has turned into our national pastime it is all true. Where ever you go in this country, you see malls, stores, burger joints and etc. Also there are advertisements everywhere for you to buy shit. By listening to this rant you will learn why our country is just getting fatter and stupider by the day. I completely agree with what Carlin says in the entire rant.


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