I have to admit, for the last three years of my life I have always looked forward to waking up on Sunday morning. Why is that you ask? My favorite website Postecret gets updated every Sunday morning with new secrets from random people around the world. It seems kind of odd to think that millions of people write their secrets on a postcard and send them to a man they’ve never met in hopes that it will get published on his blog. It is absolutely amazing to see how this project has grown since it was started in 2004. There have been several books published which contain many of the postcard secrets. The creator of the postsecret project also travels around the country to many different colleges and other big locales and holds events where people can get up and reveal their secrets to the audience. Sometimes the secrets are really sad. Other times you’ll laugh your ass of at the things people write. Yet there are times you will read a secret and think it is something you could have written yourself. In a way, reading other peoples issues can make your own feel so much smaller. But it also tightens the gap and makes me realize that we, as humans are all similar and all have struggles. Although this is not an educational post, and the website is not educational, I’d have to say it is a big project in Sociology. Not to mention, if Psychologists could get a hold of some of the authors of the secrets, they could probably have a field day. Anyway, if you’ve never checked out Postsecret before, I hope you do and I hope you can at least find some entertainment….remember to check back every week for new cards/secrets.


3 Responses

  1. I’m so glad you shared this website, mlmoffitt!

    I had heard of this project before but never made the effort to get one of the books or check out the website. I loved reading this Sunday’s batch.

    It is an interesting reminder of what we all have in common – our vulnerability is what stands out when I read them.

    And it’s wild how strong the desire to share these secrets is. Like we can’t stand the thought of being alone in our thoughts/experiences…

  2. I’ve always enjoyed PostSecret, but I’m a bit curious about the financial implications of all this. Unless I’m wrong, the editor of the site and the books is becoming quite wealthy off the anonymous, uncompensated creativity of his readers…. A good gimick is a good gimmick, but it seems weird.

  3. Ya know Dave, I’ve thought about the economics of it all as well. However, not too long ago the guy put up a post on Myspace about needing to sell more books in order to keep the site up and running. That made me question how much profit he could really be making. I remember reading somewhere that his profits go to the suicide prevention hotline. And actually, there was a post to his myspace plea and someone asked if they could send a cash donation in lieu of buying books. However, he responded that no, he doesn’t take donations for the site itself and all financial donations should be sent to the suicide hotline. So…….I guess I’m not really sure whats in it for him. I’m sure he must be making something…

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