Israel and Palestine, possible apartheid


After the latest set of attacks on Palestine from Israel, I started wondering why both sides were fighting each other, and why it was that Israel seemed to ignore the people in Palestine.  I looked into some of the history behind the Zionist movement, and the conflict that Israel and Jews have with the rest of the middle east.  Looking at different articles about Israel and the recent conflict showed that Israel has many negative views of Palestinians, including racist views.  Two articles I found dealt directly with the racism within the IDF.  All the way down the history of the IDF even there is the view that the IDF and Israel are superior then the Palestinians and other Arabs, according to  Recent examples of this occurred in two different articles (Alertnet and Ynetnews).  In the Alertnet article the IDF chief Chaplin issued a rabbinical edict that degraded Palestinians to immoral murderers.  This is an example of tribalism, by identifying a person or group of people as different from you, and worse then you, it makes it easier to fight and kill them.  This tactic has been used across the world and across time.  The Ynetnews article shows the effect of this in practice, IDF soldiers had left racist graffiti on the walls of houses and Mosques.  Although the IDF defends themselves in saying that this is not how the IDF operates and those that committed this would be punished, some of the history of the IDF makes me question the underlying feelings of the IDF towards everybody that is not aligned with the Zionist goal.   Early in Israel’s history there was a terrorist group known as the Stern gang, or Lehi group, this group targeted British officials because of their anti Zionist views, they assassinated Lord Moyne, and helped carry out the Deir Yassin massacre where they killed over 100 people .  This group would become a militia group, and eventually part of the IDF when Israel pulled together as a cohesive group.  There is currently a service medal for all those who were in the Stern group called the Lehi Ribbon.  Right here there is a positive connection between killing and fighting against people who do not have Zionist views.  

There is a perception in Israel that all of Palestine should belong to them.  This is evident by the repeated creation of outposts of Israelites in Palestinian land.   There is also a definite evidence of unequal treatment, and treatment that violate our bill of rights in Palestine and Israel as evidenced by a CBS 60 minutes article (here).  Israeli forces force ably removing Arabs from their homes, while more and more Israeli settlers are moving into Palestine.  Not all Israelis want this to happen, but there is little support from the citizens in Israel to remove settlements.  There needs to be a peaceful solution to Palestine, but for that to work Israel needs to calm down, and halt their position of disproportionate retaliation.  


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  1. It is interesting that you touched on dehumanization as something that has been used in different cultures over time. I agree. It is a very effective war tactic that has targeted the negative psychological effects of taking a human life and made it so that the life being taken is not seen as human by the one taking it. I think its fair to say that this tactic has been used in every war our country has ever taken part in. From using different racial slurs to categorize the enemy to taking pictures or body parts of the dead as trophies. Dehumanization of the enemy starts from day one in basic training within our own military and no doubt in others around the world.

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