Roe v. Wade

I ran across a fellow WordPress blogger’s post discussing “How to Stump Anti-Abortionists With One Question” and figured the timing is especially appropriate for some reflection on the topic (not the topic of how to stump Anti-Abortionists, silly, the topic of abortion) on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, while the annual Pro-Life Rally is being held on the capital steps downtown.

As a matter of strategy when discussing this issue and trying to maintain neutrality, it feels nearly impossible. Everything from the titles I use to identify the various groups of thought can be analysed (using positive words like “pro” in identifying one side vs.  the negatively associated “anti” in identifying another side) to the examples I choose to represent different sides’ ideology (using beloved comedian George Carlin’s stand-up on one side of the issue vs. using Governor Palin’s Katie Couric interview on the other side of the issue). Despite how this post appears to make me lean one way over another, I remain hesitant to be boldly on one side or the other and have found that my opinions change with age (we didn’t know everything in highschool??? Damn.) There are logical arguments on all sides of the issue and the most pressing concern to me is not what THE answer is…I don’t think there can be one…but what are WE, as a nation, going to do about the disagreement?

The span of fields this topic covers is truly anthropological, economical, historical, political, psychological, and socialogical. Everybody appears to have an opinion of some sort, so in commemoration of the continually controversial court decision here is an opinion on the two basic sides. Admittedly, there are tons more “sides” to be on but here’s an extreme on both of the primary sides (Pro Choice aka Pro Abortion, Anti Life & Pro Life aka Anti Abortion, Anti Choice).

Pro Choice (Disclaimer – GEORGE CARLIN):

Pro Life:


4 Responses

  1. I’m disappointed that the George Carlin video no longer works….he always had some sort of insight that allows people to think outside the box in a comic way. And he is surely more entertaining than Sarah Palin. Regardless, the Palin video just re-iterates why I don’t agree with many of the things she says. Sure, she doesn’t believe in abortion, but yet she wouldn’t want to see women jailed for doing it. So in that case, what would the repercussion of having an abortion be? It amuses me how she avoided the question about whether she believes in Plan B. She has always been good at trying to dodge the bullet by changing the subject instead of answering the question posed to her. Go Sarah!
    Abortion is always a difficult topic to discuss. I haven’t made a clear decision as to whether or not I believe in it. I do think women should have the choice. After all, it is their body. However, using abortion as a birth control method is wrong. I have a friend who got pregnant 4 times and continually had abortions. There should come a point in a woman’s life where she can realize that going on the pill or using a condom would be much smarter than having an abortion. However, in the instance of rape I am all for it. No woman should be forced, for 9 months, to have a reminder of the trauma placed upon her growing inside her belly. Nor should a child have to grow up not knowing who his or her father is, or have to hear the story of how he or she was conceived. It would be extremely traumatizing to know you are the by-product of a rape. So all in all, I think there are times where abortion should be permitted. But when it really comes down to it, women should just be educated enough to make the right decision…for them and their unborn child.

  2. Thanks for pointing out the video wasn’t working, mlmoffitt. Mr. Carlin should be up and outspoken now! 🙂

    I read a book recently that presented some interesting thoughts that are applicable to the idea of abortion in the case of rape…it’s called “Stumbling On Happiness.”

    Basically, it attempts to explain why we have such a hard time choosing the decisions that will ACTUALLY make us happy versus choosing the decisions that we THINK will make us happy.

    The author, Daniel Gilbert, breaks down the different factors he believes are connected to this inability and some of the research he uses can be related to your comments on the life of a child that is a product of rape!

    Gilbert talks about our presumptions when it comes to different life scenarios, such as being/becoming blind. The way we think we would feel becoming blind (“I would be SO depressed, I wouldn’t know what to do!”)is not accurate compared to the way people have actually claimed to feel upon becoming blind (“I’m fine, happy, I love life!”)

    What I heard in your comment is that ” [no] child should have to grow up not knowing who his or her father is, or have to hear the story of how he or she was conceived [as a by-product of rape].” I agree wholeheartedly with the sadness present in such situations! But the alternative to not “having” to grow up without a father and with the knowledge that you are a by-product of rape is NOT GROWING UP at all, i.e. the absence of life (due to abortion in our hypothetical case).

    Relating this back to Gilbert’s work, I am wondering if the actual child in this hypothetical scenario (that surely happens often in the world) is not as happy being alive as any of us?

  3. Thanks for fixing the video! George Carlin really does amaze me….in a good way! He is someone I surely wouldn’t have wanted to get into an argument with…he has a counter point for everything. Yet he brings up some really great points. Even though he presents it in the form of comedy, more people should listen to it and actually take to hear what he is saying. I’d much rather listen to him than Sarah Palin any day!

  4. Wow… Geroge Carlin vs. Sarah Palin! The debate between two great comedians!

    In all seriousness though, isn’t it amazing that a woman could be so anti-choice that she would not care about rape, or incest? Isn’t it amazing that she would advice “counseling to keep the child” to the woman who went through such trauma? I think that she should be allowed to have an abortion if she wanted to, and then be given counseling to help ease the impact…

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