Roe v. Wade

I ran across a fellow WordPress blogger’s post discussing “How to Stump Anti-Abortionists With One Question” and figured the timing is especially appropriate for some reflection on the topic (not the topic of how to stump Anti-Abortionists, silly, the topic of abortion) on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, while the annual Pro-Life Rally is being held on the capital steps downtown.

As a matter of strategy when discussing this issue and trying to maintain neutrality, it feels nearly impossible. Everything from the titles I use to identify the various groups of thought can be analysed (using positive words like “pro” in identifying one side vs.  the negatively associated “anti” in identifying another side) to the examples I choose to represent different sides’ ideology (using beloved comedian George Carlin’s stand-up on one side of the issue vs. using Governor Palin’s Katie Couric interview on the other side of the issue). Despite how this post appears to make me lean one way over another, I remain hesitant to be boldly on one side or the other and have found that my opinions change with age (we didn’t know everything in highschool??? Damn.) There are logical arguments on all sides of the issue and the most pressing concern to me is not what THE answer is…I don’t think there can be one…but what are WE, as a nation, going to do about the disagreement?

The span of fields this topic covers is truly anthropological, economical, historical, political, psychological, and socialogical. Everybody appears to have an opinion of some sort, so in commemoration of the continually controversial court decision here is an opinion on the two basic sides. Admittedly, there are tons more “sides” to be on but here’s an extreme on both of the primary sides (Pro Choice aka Pro Abortion, Anti Life & Pro Life aka Anti Abortion, Anti Choice).

Pro Choice (Disclaimer – GEORGE CARLIN):

Pro Life: