Reasons Why Negative Emotions Last Longer Than Positive Emotions.

I was just surfing the web randomly not knowing what topic in mind even going to do. I didn’t even plan on posting anything when this actually came as a pop-up ad on my screen as it had to deal with Psychology, which oddly enough is what I am majoring in. I thought to myself that if I could find an interesting enough story on here, that I can surely enough use it on my blog. I found this article on, “Why Negative Emotions Outlast Positive Ones” , and is something that is happening, not personally,  in a part of my life.  I like to relate this article to my own life and the people around it because it helps me get a better sense of  possible reasons why they could be depressed.

It is harder to adapt to negative emotions because of their traumatic consequences. Every negative emotion experienced leaves a psychological scar. Knowing a pain that is so great will always be a reminder in some way or another as it turns into a fear. Fear of a negative emotion is so great that individuals are left worrying it will happen all over again at any given moment.

Individuals adapt much quicker to positive emotions because they are welcoming to the senses. Positive emotions are associated with having fun or having something wonderful happen. Unfortunately, humans are well aware that we cannot feel like this at all times and the positive feelings eventually taper off when presented with a difficult situation.

It is up to the individual them self to learn to manage both negative and positive emotions. Immersion in positive emotions can leave a person in a state where they are avoiding daily responsibilities by doing whatever they can to make sure the positive feelings to not subside. This is not productive for every day living as it is merely an avoidance tactic.

Likewise, an individual may become consumed by negative emotions, leaving them in constant fear of the next bad event. This can produce anxiety, depression and even suicide.

I agree with what this article says in some sense because I know that when my dad asks me about a certain negative event that went on in my life at an age when I was able to remember, I could not remember and even my younger brother remembers that event. Also, depression and negative/positive events don’t only evolve around me, but also a couple of people in my family even harder. They were diagnosed with depression, but they did not ever go as far as to attempt suicide.  They do have positive people around them, have positive events going on in their lives, but overall their state of depression is just a chemical imbalance in the brain to where they have to take medication for it. The medication helps with experiences and balancing out the positive and negative emotions. For example, about a year ago one of my family members that has depression would avoid our family, never spend any time with us, stay in his room, thought we were excluding him from family activities, did drugs, and would have the worst attitude. He always thought the negative about everything and because he thought this, his overall mindset would stay negative. For reasons unknown really to us, but probably the medication, he now is active in family activities, is a lot more positive about everything, much better attitude, does not avoid us, and is much more responsible.

This article in some respect to my family member, is very true and even though the article says that my family member was repressing old negative emotions; he was dealing with present negative emotions that led him to continue this negative emotional streak of thinking nobody cared for him. I do strongly believe it is good to balance out with positive and negative. I sometimes see people never negative about anything, which is never good because they are just hiding secrets that people may look down at them about. That is why you celebrities always putting on a fake smile and it looks like nothing bad is happening in their lives until you see pictures or hear stories about them. You find out that they DO have a different life outside of putting on that fake smile. Everybody has this case and some peolpe like to keep things more private and to themselves more than others do, which I do not blame them for. I am that type of person myself, but I do not think I have depression like my two other family members. With me, I look at the outcomes of what COULD happen if I was to do this or to do that. I feel that this is a good thing to do because I know for a fact that I have done things I am not proud of, especially when I started out around 16 years old. I have grown from these experiences and thinking that way to have positive or negative outcomes will help with leading to better situations. I know that not all people can cognitively do this, but I am just saying that it is a possible solution to creating future positive/negative outomes.